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Nursery Songs has found some wonderful places on the web to share with you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Our favorite - This beautiful site looks at the albums, greetings cards and ephemera that became popular during the Victorian period. This unusual resource provides a wonderful insight into the customs and the time. If you enjoy Malcolm Warrington’s lovely site, send him an email him telling him so, and be sure to tell him hello from

Mother Goose Society - The official site of the Mother Goose Society. Great recipes, prop ideas, finger plays, performer information, and much more!

Nursery Rhymes, Lyrics, and Origins   - This site offers traditional and modern speculations about many nursery rhymes, including marvelous details only an English scholar could know about some of the history behind the great rhymes.  It captures well the aura associated with their colorful histories.

The Victorian Web - Tour this site and find an abundance of information about the Victorian era. Learn about the literature, architecture, photography, art, theatrical performance, religion, and just about anything else you can think of from the Victorian period. This site offers a wealth of information. Click here to go directly to the page dedicated to The Dalziel Brothers.

Cyber Hymnal - Click here to listen to the most popular hymn tune written by J.W. Elliott that is still being sung today in many churches.

The Victorian Era - This site is a superb resource for information on companies, individuals and organizations that provide products, services, or information useful to those interested in Victoriana. Visit them to find sources for period clothing, antiques, jewelry, memorabilia, Victorian gardening information, books, videos, and much more. A fun and intriguing site.

Embracing the Child - is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting literacy through an array of programs including Community Outreach, an educational web site, and after-school and summer camp programs.


Visit our listen page to hear the wonderful sounds of J.W. Elliott's nursery rhymes music performed by Robin Hendrix. This children's music CD has been chosen by many people as the perfect new baby gift. It is also popular with early childhood education specialists for use in music activities.


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